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Hello world!

Well, here I am.  The moment for which I’ve been waiting 7 months since starting Eden’s Fireworks Foundation.  In the internet-dependent world in which we live, I can now say “WE ARE OFFICIAL!” – professionally designed website and all….

Obviously, I have thought a lot about what to write in my first blog since, well, forever.  I’m thinking I may be a bit rusty because I have all of these thoughts and ideas I want to tell you about and no coherent theme in which to put them.  Figures.

But one thought does stand out.  A few months after Eden passed away, Lady Gaga premiered her single “Edge of Glory” on the American Idol stage (some of you may remember).  At the end of the performance, she and a male dancer held hands and jumped off a fairly tall set piece, obviously signifying their leap off the “edge”, so to speak.  I heard all kinds of opinions of her performance, mainly on FB, of course.  But some in person from a few of my friends.  Many were appalled because they interpreted their jump as open encouragement for suicide.  I, obviously, do not know exactly the inspiration behind Gaga’s stage blocking and choreography, but I suspect her motives were unlikely suicidal.

I have a point (by the way).

While Eden was going through treatment, I proclaimed that I served a God of miracles.  That Eden was going to be one.  That God would get the glory.  If I were a poker player, you could say I went all in.  I remember telling my mom once, “If Eden doesn’t survive this, I’m going to look really stupid.”  I guess that’s up for debate at this point.

Well, Eden didn’t survive.  But my opinions still remain the same.  I serve a God of miracles.  Eden was one.  And God is getting the glory.  When you step out in faith, it’s a step out on the edge.  The Edge of Glory.  God’s glory.  It’s you saying, “I’m all in no matter what happens.”  Is it comfortable?  No.  Is it easy?  No.  Is it worth it?  I say “Yes!”

So here I am again.  With everything on the line.  I am all in to fighting childhood cancer.  Any and every way I know how.  And my challenge for you?  Join me.  Go all in.  A life worth living is, indeed, one lived full out.  One lived on the edge of glory.  One lived out of your comfort zone.  One lived in faith.  It’s from this kind of life that miracles come to fruition, that passion changes lives, that people become world-changers.  I’m going to take Eden’s lead.  Be a firework.  And recruit others.  To see miracles.  To change lives.  To become a world-changer.  Who’s with me?

Big things are happening!  A huge announcement will be made tomorrow, including details about our first Fireworks event/fundraiser.  Please share this page, our FB page, our Twitter page……We need more fireworks!!!

Oh, and LOOK ALIVE!  Always.